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Weekly Employee Newsletter

Weekly Employee Newsletter December 31, 2017

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Weekly Employee Newsletter
December 31, 2017

Cheers to Changing Lives in 2018!!!


Hope to see you all there!!
(Employee + Guest) 


2017 Wins!  End of year evals are in motion. Spend time with your Director, team, and self to recount growth and impact that has come of this year. Look forward to 2018 and carve out the path for continued improvement on what can be done better and prioritize ongoing development. What is the outcome you are working toward? We work too damn hard to break even!

NEW APP!!!  

It’s important that all of our members are using the new app as this is where they will book their classes.   Once our members are on the app, we can start using the many other cool features!  But first things first!

To get members on the app, simply direct them to 

This website will act as their one stop shop to download the app and walk them through how to create their account with step by step instructions!

If your member is receiving an error message, please refer to the
App Troubleshooting Guide and try to assist them.


The January/February Coaching Template has arrived!!


Check it out today!

Coaching Template

ASF Help!

Reach ASF Tech Support at
1-800-474-4273CLIENT ISSUES?
Reach Client Support at 1-800-527-6898.


1/1 – New Year’s Day
1/4 – Career Day
1/6 – Holiday Party
1/9 – Career Day
1/14 – 6 week Challenge Kickoff
1/17 – Detox Orientations Begin
1/28 – Detox Orientation Weigh ins

Click here for a complete list!