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If you come in to the 9am class, you certainly know Becky Cieri.  She is always quick to welcome in a new face, make the workout fun and shout some encouragement to teammates.  Becky has been here at West Sac since her first challenge in 2015 and will very easily tell you “If she can do it, anyone can”.  She also volunteers to help welcome in new challengers at kickoffs and helps keep our gym clean!

Between her and Jackie Bartone, who now goes to our Sparks location, they have become the gym moms for many here at Results and are always supporting both new and long time members.   Becky makes friends everywhere she goes and that was certainly true in the gym, as she and Jackie have fully adopted the fit fam love!  Thank you, Becky, for not only bragging about your gym family, but being a supportive member and welcoming anyone and everyone in to our fit fam.

We are so proud of you for sticking with your dedication to fitness and showing other that age and injuries are no excuse!