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“Dora the Destroya” was nominated by her fitfam for member of the month! Dora, known as the one in class that never takes anything too seriously. Working out consistently every single day, keeping her body healthy and ready for the day. Dora knows that you have to keep it fun in order to enjoy coming in and seeing the same folks push just as hard with you! Her fitfam says she’s consistent, has a positive attitude, and she’s hilarious. With 5 grandkids, life is too short to sit back and watch, instead you need to hit some of her favorite movements like push-ups, ice skaters, and weight lifting. Since January 2017 Dora has made it to 399 classes!!! The team loves having Dora in classes, because you know it’s going to be a good day! Congrats Dora on being Sparks Member of the Month, September.