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Natomas Nation would like to formally introduce Anne Perez as our Member of the Month!!! Anne has been a member with Results for just over two years this past September. Anne has been a faithful and dedicated fitfam member for some time now. Everyone’s journey is different, and Anne has lost a total of 35 lbs. Here at Results, we can all agree that Anne is a happy ball of energy. She spreads nothing but good vibes and motivation to every single member of our fitfam. Anne, being a Leo, definitely is generous, warm-hearted, cheerful and humorous. We all enjoy seeing her selfies with coaches and other fitfam members on Facebook.

I think she is best known for giving her coaches special nicknames. Anne is a regular in the evening at 4-3-0.  She is so dedicated to 4:30pm, she made her MyZone name “FO3OH!” Anne’s favorite classes at Results are PPP and Booty Friday. She also enjoys lifting heavy so please come join her on the gym floor and meet her at the bar. Anne’s biggest accomplishment since joining Results is to keep herself moving and show up to class. She also shared with us that members and challengers should not put too much pressure on themselves. Their first goal should be to make it fun while getting fit.