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Weekly Employee Newsletter

Protected: Weekly Employee Newsletter December 9, 2017

Weekly Employee Newsletter December 9, 2017

Final weigh outs are coming! Both the 6 week Challengers and Alumni Challengers weigh out next weekend.  Encourage your challengers to reflect upon their "why".  Remind them about the importance of finishing what they started and that living healthy for 6 weeks is not enough!  This is not a quick fix.  It's a lifestyle!!  Talk to them about their ongoing goals and how we can help.  Get the membership commitment from your challengers today!

ASF IS COMING! If you have not watched the training videos, you are behind!

This is your last week to watch the videos before ASF is on site!  They will be in both Sacramento and Reno starting the week of December 18th.  Make sure you are taking the time to familiarize yourself with ASF TODAY!!

To access the videos you will need the following information: URL: USER: 4112 PASSWORD: staff (case sensitive)
Videos to Watch:
-My Enrollment Member Sign Up -Member Info and Changes (Parts 1 and 2) -Scheduler Daily Ops -POS Daily Ops -Rapid Class Check In

Coaches Corner

Focus your efforts- set up team and members for success by creating less moving parts. Remember the goal at any given time is to work with 2-3 simultaneous stations max. Less time to explain. Less running around from station to station. Better ability to connect, correct, and challenge members to truly EMPOWER!

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Glutamine on schedule! Arrives Monday from factory!
13. Never complain about any club problem to our guests. 14. Use the guest's name every chance you get. 15. Any questions from our guests?  You find the answers.
(1-12 Can be found in previous Newsletters)


California Team – Effective January 1, payroll checks will be delivered to our Natomas facility for pick up. Payroll checks will no longer be available for pick up at the West Sacramento facility. Thank you in advance for your understanding with this matter. If you have questions or would like to sign up for Direct Deposit, please email Jennifer Richards at Note: This does not impact our Nevada team.  


 We have an awesome new tool to help us connect with our members.  It's our monthly Marketing and Promotions Plan that are going live in your clubs this month! These calendars will help us have some fun while promoting our amazing Physx products, swag, and even reward folks for using their MyZone's!!! Please make sure to check in with your Director and team to see what will be the hot topics of discussion on your next shift.


12/11 - 12/15/17 - Career Day 12/13/17 - Spirit Day 12/13/17 - ASF call 12/14/17 - ASF call 12/15/17 - ASF call 12/15/17 - FAD - NV 12/15/17 - FAD - CA 12/16/17 - Final Weigh Outs 6 week Challenge and Alumni Click here for a complete list!