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Wanda Jarquin is Elk Grove’s MOM to remember!  This inspiring lady who worked for 30 years as a courtroom clerk for the Superior Court of Hayward started at Results as a 6-week challenger (she did it to support her daughter who “invited” her to do the challenge with her).  Wanda became a member after her challenge ended in April 2015!  You can find Wanda on the MyZone board as “WanDah” but you’ll have to push your effort level to the max if you’re trying to compete with her!  Wanda reflects about when she first started at Results: “I learned within these walls, there are no such words as “I can’t”.  This has impacted my life inside and outside the gym.” What might be a setback for most people, Wanda had a total hip replacement and foot infusion in April 2018, but because of her training prior to surgery, Wanda has come back stronger – squatting, doing burpees and mountain climbers, and better than ever! Wanda’s favorite quote: “Only I can change my life.  No one can do it for me” ~ Carol Burnette