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Vishal Mannapur is a Senior Firmware engineer at Intel Corp in Folsom! He joined Intel March of 2008 as a recent college graduate after receiving his master’s degree from University of Texas at Arlington. Vishal joined Results 9 months ago because he wanted to stay fit, healthy, and lose weight. He’s lost 11lbs since joining Results and continues to push himself every day during his 6AM workouts! His favorite movement patterns are burpees, deadlifts and high intensity cardio! His proudest moment was when he did a 90lb deadlift. Vishal has a four-year-old daughter who he loves spending time with! They enjoy playing soccer together. He even taught her how to do a burpee! Vishal also loves playing sand volleyball every Thursday morning after his RTC workout! He enjoys that it requires hand/eye and leg coordination to deliver the perfect spike as well as predicting where the opponent is going to hit the ball and being ready to receive it! His favorite part of the sport however, is all the new friends he’s made. Vishal enjoys spending his free time playing water sports, going for drives on scenic routes and watching action movies! His favorites are the Indiana Jones movies! Vishal’s advice to his fitfam is that motivation is what gets you started but forming a habit is what keeps you going!! He is very proud to be part of RTC Folsom Fit Fam and we are proud to have him as our Member of the month!!!