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Trisha Beam has been with Results for almost three years!! She started like most people doing the 20lb challenge where she lost 17.5 lbs.  The challenge gave her so much more than just weight loss. She absolutely loves the workouts, thinks the coaches are amazing and truly cares about the success of her FitFam.  She has learned how to eat healthier and to always do her best. Last year was really hard, she was starting to train to do the Spartan race in November, but in April 2017 during one of the workouts she tore her ACL.  She had surgery the next month which not only took the option of Spartan off the table, but it also put her out for several months. When she came back she was very limited with what she could do and it put her in a state of depression, and thus, stopped attending the gym.

She finally pulled herself up and came back to the gym in December and decided the only way to get back was to jump right in so she joined the partner challenge.  It was a great way to get back into the workouts and lose 10 pounds at the same time!  She close to 100% with her knee and is determined to do Spartan this November!