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Our member to remember is a dynamic duo of legendary proportion. Tom and Terry Panages! Tom and Terry, are celebrating their three-year Results-i-versary this month. In those three years Tom and Terry have accomplished many goals, had many victories and persevered through many hardships both in the gym and in their lives. Through all of this they have never wavered in their support and friendship with the members of the fitfam. Each of them always with a kind word of encouragement for any and all who need it.

Whether it be Terry’s favorite movement, kettlebell swings, or Tom’s, anything core, these two, with a smile, always put their heart and soul into all they do. Like a true Cancer, Terry is always unflinching in the face of a challenge and her humor lights up the gym, and always tries to follow her favorite quote “failing to plan, is planning to fail. Tom, who when asked, proclaims himself and his greatest accomplishment at Results to still be a work in progress, is always pushing himself and inspiring others to follow.