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Known in the gym by his Myzone name, “Tsizzle,” Tim Herrback is all about the accountability and comradery while working out at Results. Though that was not always the case. Tim at one time was someone who didn’t even have the energy to play with his kids let alone enjoy box jump burpees. Someone who people avoided sitting next to on planes. Believing he had a greater purpose in life motivated him to make a life transforming decision. He joined Results TC. Two years later he’s healthier and exploring new adventures every day. Learning from the coaches how to eat healthier and making workouts fun. Motivated by the passion and energy of fellow members fuel his drive. Now he’s golfing, skiing mountains, and even completed 2 Spartan races. Best of all he now has the energy to play with his children. Tim believes “ life is like a roller coaster, if you get off after the first loop, you’ll never experience the thrill of the next twist and turn.”