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Theresa McKeever’s “why” became an inspiration to the coaches and members and is the reason that she was chosen as Central Sacramento’s Member of The Month for July.

Theresa has been a member of Results – Central Sacramento since September of 2017.  Just being able to walk into a gym is a testament to how far Theresa has come in her journey back to fitness and health.  Two years ago, she was paralyzed on her entire left side of her body, which left her having serious difficulty with brain processing and speech impairments.  Theresa was told by her doctors that she would more than likely never return to work and that she would be permanently disabled. This is not the Teresa McKeever we know today – Now, she pushes sleds, does rounds of burpees, lifts heavy weights, runs, crawls, and focuses each workout to out-work everyone else in the gym!

Theresa believes that the “team” atmosphere with members motivates her to strive for more reps, push her limits and encourages her. She says that the support of GREAT Coaches each day continuously motivates her to do her best.  She said that in the past, she had not been successful in traditional big-box gym settings and she believes that the coaches and the team atmosphere are the difference in her success. Theresa says “Results helps you find your inner strength my life is better for it. “

Her most favorite workouts are when heavy weights and cardio are done together. She says, “I like pushing sleds, pulling ropes with kettle bells attached to them.”  “Basically, I like pushing my limits and those workouts that push me the hardest are the best!”  Those workouts have helped Theresa gain 10lbs of muscle and reduce her body fat from 29% to 21% in the past 9 months!

The coaches at Results Central Sacramento are honored to be a part of Theresa’s fitness journey and so very proud to have her as our Member of the Month for July 2018.