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Team Sunrise is delighted to introduce you to our February member of the month couple: Tammy and Bryan Duke!  Known as the Duke and Duchess (via their MyZones) of Sunrise, the Dukes have been a part of the Fit Fam since January 2016 when Tammy did a challenge and Bryan followed along in support and to become healthier together.  Bryan, a category analyst, and Tammy, an office manager of a pest control company, love their fit fam and the coaches of Results and being here has allowed Tammy to get away from blood pressure and pre-diabetes medications.  They love the challenge and feeling stronger and how being fit has allowed them to keep up with their 7 grandchildren!  Brian’s proudest Results moment was completing a challenge and Tammy’s was losing over 60(!) pounds while here and completing a box jump last month, with the help and encouragement of fellow Fit Fam members.

Bryan’s favorite motivational quote is: “A body in motion stays in motion” and Tammy’s is: “Don’t save things for a special occasion.  Being alive is the special occasion.  It’s a gift, every single day”.   And their single biggest piece advice they can give anyone is to just DO IT.  No matter what your goals, you won’t regret it.