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Tamisha “MaeMae” from East Sac

Tamisha “MaeMae” Lewisstarted her fitness journey with Results back in March of 2014. MaeMae is one of the hardest working, determined and uplifting spirits at our East Sac Location. She the kind of person you want to be in your group because she makes you work harder and push longer than you thought possible. MaeMae, works full time as Registered Dental Assistant Orthodontics and has her own company called “Tough Smiles” her true passion is playing football for the Sacramento Sirens. She gives nothing but her best on floor and off the floor. She goes above and beyond to encourage her teammates at Results- if you miss the gym on her watch--EXPECT a phone call or FB shout out. Her motto is, “GO HARD OR GO HOME, I’VE GOT GOALS.” THANK YOU FOR BEING PART OF OUR FITFAM WE LOVE YOU MAEMAE!