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Tamara started her fitness journey with Results through our 21-day detox program back in January. She instantly fell in love with the workouts, met a lot of great gym friends and lost 18lbs all while simply switching up her eating and exercising 5x a week! After the Detox program she joined the 6-week 20lb challenge and successfully completed 2 rounds, losing a total of 58 pounds!!! Tamara says, “Results has incredibly impacted my life. I was overweight and depressed. I was embarrassed of how I looked. I had a lot of anxiety and my blood pressure was high and I was unhappy. I have shown my kids that I can do it! I’ve inspired them to get a little healthier as well as some friends too! I’m finally confident again. I am not embarrassed of how I look and uncomfortable I was inside and out. Changing my outside has helped change my inside. Life is SO MUCH BETTER”. Her favorite workouts are anything core and cardio! You can find her at the 6pm class Monday-Friday working on her fitness. Tamara has been able to maintain her weight loss by finding the perfect balance of eating well most of the time and enjoying the tasty things in life occasionally! ? Tamara’s fitness journey has inspired not only her kids but also a handful of friends and their kids who have now taken and successfully completed the challenge. Thank you, Tamara, allowing Results to be the best part of your day, every day!