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Suzi first found Results in February of 2016 after having tried numerous other programs and “diets”, and had never enjoyed exercise until she found us. She joined Results with the goal to live a better, healthier life. While she lives in El Dorado (up near Placerville), she gets up early to make her 5:00 am class because she feels she gets so much out of the Results sessions and loves her FitFam.  Her Myzone name is “SuziJ” and loves how it gives her a way to track workouts, push herself harder, and get the most out of every workout. While Suzi has had to work through some injuries, she still enjoys lifting weights, especially chest press. During her time with Results, she has been able to gain strength back in her arms after having broken both of them!! Amazing!  The Sunrise team has GREAT admiration for Suzi because despite any setbacks, she always has a positive attitude here with her Fit Fam and works HARD every single day to get better. Her favorite motivational quote is “Just Do It”, because thinking about it doesn’t get you anywhere!