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Stacy has been with Results since September 2017, starting out as a challenger, rolling over to CRUSH 3 whole challenges and losing a total of 69.1lbs! Her transformation has been an amazing sight to see!!! She is now a full-fledged member and a true inspiration to all who have met her! Many have said that working out with Stacy is "even more motivating because she pushes herself and everyone around her to full on BEAST MODE! Stacy says that her favorite saying is "You can if you think you can" and we believe this is 100% true in her case! Stacy says that her biggest accomplishment here with Results is "finally feeling good about myself, outside and inside, and getting the confidence I've always wanted" We have been so proud watching her transform over these last few months we all know she is going to continue to CRUSH her goals in everything she does here at Results!