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Shariyah Miller AKA “I Love Tacos” is Team Roseville’s Member of the Month for October! She has been a consistent and stable force at Roseville for the past 6 months. By day she works in sales for Bank of America and by night you can find her laterally shuffling around the gym at Roseville. Sometimes successfully and other times not so much…(she only fell once though!) In all seriousness, Shariyah is one of the hardest workers you will find at any gym and never once complains. (Okay that’s not true, maybe a few complaints here and there.)

She has lost a grand total of 39 pounds and is not stopping there! Her biggest accomplishment since training with us at Results is she can now do an unassisted burpee! And don’t worry, all the coaches give her plenty of practice to refine her skills…Her smile and positivity is contagious and she can brighten up the gym even on her worst day! Come workout with her and see what all the hype is about!