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Team Sunrise proudly announces Shahnaz Joslin, our Member of the Month for May!!! Shahnaz does an amazing job managing a busy schedule that includes working in insurance, being a wife, is a wonderful mother of two children, and STILL manages to work out at 5am 4-5 days per week. After her first born she was struggling to get back in shape when she noticed a friend’s progress from participating in 6 Week Challenges at Results. Her curiosity urged her to come in and try it out! She signed up for her first challenge February 2016, lost 14 pounds, and was so hooked she because a member! Shahnaz and her family have a GREAT habit for Sundays. As a family they meal prep together, and her 3-year-old loves it! Shahnaz loves knowing that she is leading by example for her kids and instilling great habits that will keep her family healthy.
Shahnaz loves the support that comes from EVERY single person at Results, coaches and Fit Fam alike. Even during periods of restriction from certain exercises, the coaches were always ready with alternatives to accommodate and keep me on the path to success. Shahnaz says she is in BETTER SHAPE NOW than BEFORE having kids!! She now prioritizes non-scale victories over the scale and that’s a big win in any book. She now has the Results “addiction” and feels it’s the best decision she could have made for her family. She loves the variety in the workouts, and especially enjoys working out in groups during AMRAPS or otherwise because of the motivation provided by fellow Fit Fam to push harder. Shahnaz fully embraces and believes in the quote,
“Today is a new beginning”