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The coaches at Central Sacramento are proud to announce Scotty Orbegozo as our Member of the Month for November 2018!  Scotty’s journey with Results began in September 2017 when he joined the 6-Week 20 Pound Challenge along with his husband Rob – Scotty did two rounds and lost over 40 pounds! Scotty admits that at first, he was intimidated with group workouts, but he learned to appreciate the camaraderie and motivation that working out with others brings, so he joined as a member!  His proudest moment was putting on a size 30 pair of pants and having them fit loosely!  The last time he fit into that size he was 15 years old!  Scotty says that what he loves most about Results is the “Fit” family atmosphere that welcomes you as soon as you walk through the doors.  He appreciates seeing everyone transform on their own fitness journey, and admittedly, he likes the dance club lights too! If you look at the MyZone screen and see PWRϟRNGR you’ll know that Scotty is in the gym!  He says of his MyZone that it spaks the competitor in him when he feels sluggish.  Scotty’s success tip for others: Don’t let your mind limit your physical capabilities.  You’ll be amazed at how much faster you can run or how much more you can lift by just going for it! Scotty’s motivation: Lyrics from the song Purified by Of Mice and Men  “I wanna be stronger than oceans,” “I wanna lift mountains high,” “Bring back glory to your name,” “I wanna move faster than time”