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Scott has been a member of the Elk Grove location since Jan of 2016.  He originally came to Results with a goal on his mind… He wanted to drop some weight before his wedding and he knew we could help.  He killed his first round by losing a total of 28 lbs. Feeling better than ever, he knew he couldn’t leave us. So after his challenge he decided to not only commit to himself, but also Results and became a member.  Throughout his Results journey he has successfully completed many other challenges with us.  He has done our Alumni, Hard body, and recently our Member Accountability challenge. Talk about a committed member with goals! If you’ve ever worked out with Scott you know he’s an early bird.  During the week he works out with the crazies at 430AM and on weekends you’ll find him at the 7AM sessions. He’s a hard worker and always willing to push himself to the next level.  Whether he’s lifting some heavy weights or throwing down 20 burpee’s non-stop.  You’ll always see him with a positive attitude, big smile, and always motivating others during his workouts. One quote that Scott likes to live by is “Enjoy every day, because tomorrow is not promised”.  Let’s be like Scott!