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Sara first started at Results in December through our Strong Finish Program and immediately fell in love! She has lost a total of 50 pounds and has dropped down to 18% body fat! Besides being a bad ass in the gym, Sara is a mom of 3 boys and has adopted a sweet 9-year-old red and white border collie named Umber! Sara loves being outdoors and trying new things! She enjoys going on hikes, bike rides and camping with her family. She also enjoys crocheting and reading. Her favorite genre is historical fiction, specifically about World War 2! Sara’s fitness goals are simple; to prioritize herself and her health. Which means consistently getting to the gym five days a week. This includes staying after class to stretch and foam roll so she’s not only feeling great but moving great as well! She says, “It’s so simple but it’s a challenge. Be patient with yourself, others and life and you’ll see the results in everything you do”.

Sara is such a positive and motivating person who is always smiling in class and high fiving her fit fam! Next time you see Sara, give her a high five! We love having her apart of our fit fam here at Folsom!