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Sammy of South Reno! What an inspiring challenger, member, mom, and fitfam! Sammy has shown others what it means to life heavy sh*t. Her biggest accomplishment is losing 35 pounds BUT even bigger accomplishment is being addicted to coming to the workout every day. The coaches have seen the dramatic change and dedication of Sammy to become the best she can be. Coming to a verity of classes between Reno and Sparks, she can motivate and inspire others to try your best and work hard. Sammy stays motivated by the saying, “discipline is choosing between what you want now and what you want most”. The Results Fitfam is proud of Sammy’s recent accomplishment in placing at the Tamaarta HIIT Lift Competition!! There is no doubt in our minds Sammy is going to blow us away in the months to come.

Congrats on being the first Member of the Month Janaury 2018!