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Gordo has been at Results for two years now. He started as a challenger and converted into a member. Over the last two years, Gordo has lost a total of 80lbs. Gordo has always enjoyed doing ‘doubles.’ He will participate in team training before or after a specialty class like PPP or BMB. Most recently his favorite class is strength because he has learned how to challenge himself and push his body into lifting heavier weight than he could imagine. Gordo is always motivated by motivating other members during the workouts. Just like many of our Natomas members, Gordo really enjoys Coach Brooks’ story time. One of Gordo’s favorite quotes is “Strength doesn’t come from what you can do. It comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t” by Rikki Rogers. Gordo’s biggest accomplishment since joining Results is living a healthier lifestyle. He is very happy to have met an amazing group of people who he respects. He admires their commitment they make with themselves and how they help and motivate others along the way. Some of those individuals have carried him during the 16.4 mile Spartan Beast and Tough Mudder. Overall, this journey had made him a more confident person.  Before Results, these races were only in Gordo’s mind, but now, Gordo goes out and tackles the course.