Dear Rocklin Fit Fam,

I hope you are having a great day.

Over the last several years here at Results TC Rocklin, we have had the pleasure of serving as a safe haven, happy place and somewhere you can feel welcomed and supported.  We’ve made friends, memories and lifelong connections. 

This last year, the entire world has been going through a shared struggle.  Together, we’ve pushed and pulled each other through.  Your smiles, kindness and encouragement has been our WHY and kept us working hard.

That is why this letter is written with a very heavy heart and great sadness.

While Covid-19 has tragically taken lives, caused great damage to our small business community and the fitness industry as a whole, we are really proud of how we have worked through that challenge.

Regrettably, the Blue Oaks shopping center is not immune to the hardships of Covid-19..

While we are really proud of our great relationship with most of our  landlords, the Blue Oaks center changed hands a few years ago and had a different vision for the center.   The prior, local ownership valued tenants like us and we had hoped to stay in this center for decades.

The new owners wanted to take this shopping center in a different direction and had acted aggressively to bring in big large national chains and reposition the shopping center.   

Now, as you will notice over half of the merchants in the center have permanently  closed.  It has been difficult to watch our long time neighbors like Dental, Chiropractic, Martial Arts Studio, Hair Salon and Shaved Ice all vanish over the last several months. 

As you know we have a DON’T QUIT NOW mentality, and we have kept looking for the Win-Win solution.   At this time,  the situation is beyond our ability to resolve.  Our shopping center seems to be in a state of limbo with the bank/lenders/investors and our lease ends in just a few days.

As of April 30th, 2021, we will no longer be able to continue operations in the Blue Oaks shopping center at 6823 Lonetree Boulevard in Rocklin. 

We will CONTINUE to operate at our other locations including online at all of our other locations.  

We will continue to search for a viable option to serve Rocklin and Roseville long term, yet at the time of this letter we do not have a permanent home.

In the meantime we want to express our sincere heartfelt gratitude for your support.   We also want to apologize that we are unable to continue to serve you at this location after this week.

We want to personally invite you to continue your journey with us at Results Transformation Center.

You can continue at another location , continue online and hopefully join us when we return to Roseville/Rocklin area stronger than ever.

While we know not everyone will choose to continue with us, we have some special bonuses for those who choose to continue at RTC.  Click this link to find out more about your bonus options.

We have stopped billing all memberships.  You may elect to continue at your legacy rate and get a $200 special bonus for transferring or request a pro-rated refund.

In the event that  continuing with our online services and or alternate locations do not work for you, and you would like to request a refund of any prepaid services, please click here and we will process your request.

As we wrap up our final week here in Rocklin, we want you to remember how much we LOVE being the BEST PART of YOUR DAY!

Also, please be sure that we are retaining the entire team from Rocklin RTC to continue providing an empowering fitness experience and be the best part of our members day.  

This is not goodbye.  It’s LAST ROUND | BEST ROUND at our Rocklin facility.


Dedicated to your success,

Coach Matt Weaver and the Results Transformation Center Team

P.S. Please complete the following form to request a transfer and get $200 account credit to request a refund: