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Robert decided to join us here at the Rock with his wife as something they could do together.  Robert loves coming to the gym as his “Shot of happiness” it gives him the energy he needs and helps keep his focus at work while remaining positive through out the day.   Robert Recently purchased a MyZone with the awesome name “RobBase” and absolutely loves it!  It helps him take his work outs to the next level and he can see real time how hard he is working.   The number one thing that Robert loves about coming to Results is the staff.  As a previous trainer and owning his own gym he knows how hard the Coaches work to and loves how the they  motivate and bring the fitfam together!

His favorite work outs are the days he gets to lift some heavy stuff!  He feels Rocklin has a great atmosphere and that its uplifting and empowering.  One quote he lives by is “Only I can change my life, no one can do it for me”-Carol Burnett