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Robert Ryan first came to Results Folsom to undergo a 5% Body fat challenge. Not only did he CRUSH his challenge by losing 9% body fat, taking him from 27% all the way down to 18%! (Which he cleverly sports on his MyZone name!) Rob is always in the gym 30 minutes before class to hang with the Folsom Fit-fam and warm up! He enjoys squatting and heavy lifting, and especially enjoys anytime he is able to push passed his limits in class! One of his favorite quotes of all time is “If you never fail, you will never be able to succeed.” Which he implements not only in his gym life but his home life as well. He lives with his wife and two boys and loves going to their sports games to watch them succeed as young athletes. His wife has 2 cats and a dog that he tends to end up taking care of. Rob is a salesperson with RC Willy so if you are ever in the market for a new fridge you know where to go! In all seriousness, Robert Ryan is someone who brings this gym lots of laughs and smiles, he is always willing to participate in anything we ask him to, and he is a member who works extremely hard for his goals and we are very lucky to have him as a part of our FIT FAMILY!