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Ricky has been a member of Results for almost 4 years! During this time, Ricky has accomplished many goals he set out for himself – he’s completed five marathons, three half marathons, lost about 25 pounds, and got married to his beautiful wife Salli (who is also a member of Results and Ricky’s favorite workout partner)!  What makes Ricky special is his heart of service.  If someone needs help, you can count that Ricky will step forward and offer assistance.  He has 28 years of military service under his belt and he currently is the owner of his own plumbing business!


When asked what his favorite motivational quote was, Ricky said “It’s my wife Salli telling me to wake up, it’s time to go to the gym”! If you see the MyZone name “Guamie” on the screen, you know that Ricky is in the house!  His favorite class is PPP and he is a regular in the early morning classes!  Even with all of Ricky’s accomplishments in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and keeping fit, he still has big goals – one being to compete in a 50+ body building event!  We can’t wait to see him crush that goal!  For all these reasons, the coaches at Results – Central Sacramento voted Ricky Sablan as our May 2018 Member of the Month!!!