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Peter, a self-proclaimed “Fever Pitch Level of a Fan” for the Boston Red Sox and New Orleans Saints fan, is a father to 2 kids, one boy and one girl and also one elderly grumpy cat! Peter claims it’s his cat that paws him out the door encouraging him to get to Results, but WE think it’s his commitment to his health and fitness that does it! Peter started out as a Challenger in 2014 and found so much success that even after leaving us for a time, he returned and lost 37lbs in a year, and says he has gained well over 37 friends! Having completed several challenges, Peter officially joined Results because he felt so good and wanted to keep those energy levels up and his joy in life to stay high!! Peter’s zest for life, energy and love for his Fitfam are what we adore the most as he is always encouraging his fellow teammates with a big smile on his face! He loves seeing the joy and appreciation when complimenting a fellow member or challenger! Peter says the coaches and teammates working hard together are the best part of being here…not to mention he can now do 45 straight Burpees, hold a Plank FOREVER, LOVES Throwdown Thursday, Booty Friday and of course the FAD’s because as he says it “You gotta shake that tail feather and if you find yourself in an awkward moment, just dance!” His advice to others…”Dreams written down become goals. Goals turn into plans and corresponding actions. Actions become habits. Habits become RESULTS!”