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Deciding on the right mental health treatment program for your teen can be an overwhelming and extremely difficult endeavor. For several years, OC Teen Center has been helping teens rise above the difficulty of mental illness and disorder to lead healthy lives. We are a specialized mental health and addiction service for teens and children. 

Few child psychologists in Orange County California can match the services we offer. We have mental health treatment that offers a pathway to recovery and an exceptional care team that listens and ready to help. Here are a few of the things that make us one of the best Adolescent psychiatrists in SoCal.

Experience with Teen Mental Health Disorders 

OC Teen Center has a proven track record as one of the best pediatric mental health services in Orange County - we have helped many teens overcome mental health disorders. Just like you, we also want your teen to be back on the right track and thrive. An experienced team at OC Teen Center can help you understand what is happening to your kid and create treatment programs that address the issue.

Comprehensive Services 

At OC Teen Center, anyone who chooses to heal with us is a unique individual with specific needs, and they will be provided with the level of mental health care that meets their needs and help them achieve both their short- and long-term goals. In order to provide each individual with the most personalized care, we offer comprehensive treatment options for teens.

Our comprehensive orange county mental health treatment programs allow us to create a personalized path of recovery for our patients and ensure that we have the means to meet your kid's needs where they are and help them get to where they need to be. While certain treatment techniques and fundamental principles, people of all ages, we are aware that adolescents are impacted by behavioral health disorders and mental health in unique ways. And this allows us to develop a specialized treatment program that addresses teen's issues.

Exceptional Staff

At OC Teen Center, we feel that the foundation for quality mental health care mostly depends on the people who provide the service. So, we are proud of the team of mental health professionals we have working with us. Besides, we understand that teens who come into our care have parents or guardians who are concerned about their overall wellbeing, so we only work with the most qualified staff to help your child overcome his or her challenges and develop the skills needed to appropriately manage his or her mental health conditions going forward.

At OC Teen Center, our patients will work closely with a teen psychologist in Orange County and other types of mental health professionals such as counselors, therapists, and psychiatrists.

Aftercare Support 

At OC Teen Center, our work doesn’t end when a teen completes his or her treatment program. Our goal is for every teen to achieve lasting success. So, our expert guidance supports families through each step of the journey, making sure that their kids have a smooth transition to the next level in their healing journey. 

Seeking Professional Help

To get the answers to your need, please reach out to OC Teen Center today. We are happy to answer any of your questions related to orange county mental health treatment for teens. To speak with Admissions or to ask questions, contact us by phone or email


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