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Nipun started his journey with Results in November 2017 when crushed his first challenge and lost 26.4 lbs in 6 weeks. Nipun is a guy you want to know and be friends with. He is always the first to meet and greet new members, challengers and coaches. He has a smile that brightens up the room and a work ethic that motivates the whole room. His favorite exercise duo are burpees with reverse burpees and anything CORE!  Nipun works as a Software Engineer at Intel and in his free time he loves playing with his dog, Rico.  He named his dog after one the penguins in the movie Madagascar and they compete in Frisbee competitions on the weekends. Nipun also plays the guitar, drums and is currently looking for a vocalist in his band, so if you can sing, let him know! Originally from India,

Nipun has traveled the world but has found a special love for Spain; especially Madrid and Barcelona. He knows 6 languages and can speak 4!!!  Nipun’s biggest accomplishment while at Results is prioritizing his fitness and health. Results has helped him instill good habits.  He doesn’t binge eat anymore, he watches his carb intake and portion sizes, along with drinking more water. Most importantly, he is making time for the gym vs. finding excuses not to workout!

“I have never more physically fit in my life!”