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We are excited to have Nicki as our member of the month.  She works as the Director of Student Orgs and Leadership at Sac State, alongside her many volunteer hours.  She decided to join Results back in October 2018.  Two of her sorority sisters were completing their first challenge, and she was looking for new ways to push herself when her weight loss journey had plateaued, at the time.  She decided to what better way than to do it than working out with her sorority sisters.  Since she joined Results she pushed past that plateau, and she’s lost 30 lbs. which helped her get to a total weight of 91lbs to date.     She enjoys the people the most at Results from the staff and their energy, to her fellow members who always seek to give encouragement and teamwork. They have even started their own Myzone name club all consisting for food names (her name is N’ Cream).  The weight and inches she’s lost, as well as the strength and endurance she’s gained has almost paled in comparison to the motivation and extended family she’s gained since being at Results.  Her favorite classes are the New RRRRedZone classes for that extra push.   She has a lot of proud moments since coming to Results, but the was being able to complete banded bear crawls after thinking she wouldn’t be able to do them.  With encouragement from the Fitfam, she has been able complete this as well many other tasks she previously thought too difficult.  Her favorite quote sums her up.

“We can’t become what we need to be by remaining what we are.” -Oprah Winfrey