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Mma Gym In MedfordIf you live in or near Massachusetts, you've probably heard of John Ruiz's MMA gym in Medford, MA. This gym, though newly established, has already had a significant impact on the local fighting culture. Many boxers, wrestlers, and martial artists in the area have spent time in this gym, training with the professionals who operate the place. John Ruiz himself is a highly renowned world class fighter. He has won the world heavyweight boxing championship multiple times, and recently retired with the goal of giving back to the community of fighters that supported him for so many years by opening a gym and starting an organization to support youth boxing and martial arts. Mixed martial arts has grown in the past two decades to become one of the most popular and effective fighting styles in the nation and around the world. Entire industries have developed around it. MMA clothing, MMA gear, and MMA gyms are all intended specifically to help fighters and boxers in training to better hone their skills and techniques. John Ruiz's gym is much like this, only it outshines the others in the area due to its professional veneer and the high class professional experience that Ruiz brings to the operation. If you're going to train to become a professional mixed martial artist, you need the input of skilled coaches and mentors, fighters who have gone before and have experienced the world of fighting as it exists on a professional level. These forerunners have much to offer and much insight to provide to those they lead and train. Unfortunately, many amateur fighters who have the skills and talents to become professional simply never meet any of these individuals. They aren't given the opportunity to take in the advice and techniques that these professionals can pass down to them. This is a serious problem in the sports world. The connections simply don't exist, and there are no reliable venues in which amateur fighters are able to meet with those who can properly train them. John Ruiz's gym is changing all of this. Things are different here. Ruiz brings a whole new level of professional connectedness to the environment, and everyone who works there is a professional with real experience in the fighting world. Some of the best local mixed martial artists come to this unique MMA gym in Medford to practice techniques and share ideas. John Ruiz and his highly trained staff oversee everything. If you want to take your fighting seriously, start training with the best. You won't regret your decision to visit and enroll in Ruiz's MMA gym. Whether you’re a boxer or a martial artist, you'll find the training and the equipment you need here. Mma Gym In Medford