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Results Natomas is excited to announce our October’s Member of the Month – Miguel Alfaro! He works as a Service Coordinator and works with elderly that have Mental Illness and Substance Abuse. Miguel joined us here a year ago to simply better his health and since then he has more energy and just feels better all around. He feels it is the best gym to be part of, the coaches are the best and “you WILL see results.” Miguel’s favorite part of Results are the workouts and the environment we set for our members and challengers.

Since being with us, he has lost more than 30 pounds, which he is very proud of! Miguel wears his MyZone which he named Tono. His MyZone lets him know how hard he is working! One of his favorite workouts for himself is running, though he’s never afraid to try new things. He says, “positive thoughts breed positive results, think positive!” Please join us in congratulating Miguel!