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Meet Miranda Michelle who is a wife and a mother of three.   Miranda was inspired by a former member 2 years ago and joined our 6 week challenge. She lost a total of 45 lbs but I gained something she never expected, the best and most amazing Fit Fam and Coaches who inspire and motivate her every day.  The thing she loves about Results is that it helped her find purpose again. Results made her realize that in order to take care of her family she would need to take care of herself first. Results has seen a transformation in Miranda over the years.  Not just on the scale but through many other things as well.

Miranda is always motivating others. Passing on great tools for others to use on their health journey.  Whether its sharing cooking tips or telling someone about her favorite Physx product, she is on it! One thing we enjoy most about Miranda is that she is always growing. A recent NSV Miranda overcame that she would have never thought about ever doing was being able to perform a 24” box jump. Kudos Miranda! Miranda is also very competitive especially on our MyZone War days.  Her favorite day to work out is our crazy cardio days because she feels successful for completing the workout, but also because she gets the most MEP’s in on those days.  Think you can keep up with her?  Join her on a cardio day and make sure to have your Myzone ready!