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Folsom, RTC is proud to have Melissa Cardiff as our July Member of the Month. Melissa is the definition of a natural leader, she works hard every moment of every class. Members often comment they want to be in Melissa’s group because they want to be pushed and have the challenge of keeping up with her. You can catch Melissa at the 6am or 6pm class during the week and 7am on Saturday’s. Melissa loves to push herself and her FitFam through the MyZone. She enjoys setting goals for herself and watching her 4X4 team excel. Melissa loves Results so much that she plans her days and weeks around her workouts- she doesn’t want to miss a workout, ever! Her favorite day to workout is on Tabata Tuesday’s but her favorite movements are bicep curls and pushups! She loves that she can push harder, further and longer than when she first started here 5 short months ago. We coach’s love when Melissa is in class because she is always up for a challenge and ready to be pushed outside of her comfort zone, she elevates the energy in the room with how hard she works. Besides loving the work outs, Melissa has made a handful of great GYM BESTIES that have helped make her experience at Results so amazing. They often come to class 30 minutes early to warm up and get some extra work in before the class begins. So, if you ever need some extra work, find Melissa!

Her favorite quote is, “It ain’t about how hard you hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward” – Rocky Balboa