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Megaformer Atlanta

Are you aware of the newest trend in fitness and exercise? Our Megaformer in Atlanta is the latest trend where a lot of the biggest and hottest celebrities are trying out. It is an effective way to burn those calories while strengthening your core. Try it out with Stellar Bodies! We will help you achieve peak fitness and your body goals efficiently.

What is Megaformer?

Megaformer is state-of-the-art equipment and an essential part of the Lagree Method. It is a modern upgrade of the traditional Pilates Reformer. This aims to engage both the upper and lower body muscles, setting the resistance and counter-resistance of the workout. It combines the slow Pilates approach and the rigorous bodybuilding approach.

More than 300 exercises can incorporate the use of Megaformer, making all parts of the body to work. With this, it aims to provide a full-body workout focusing on all the key elements of fitness: strength, endurance, cardio, body composition, and flexibility. It will give you the same result as having high impact activities.

How does the workout with a megaformer works?

The equipment uses an adjustable 0 to 180-pound spring-loaded resistance, moving a resistance load through slow and deliberate movements. It has a stable platform with a gliding carriage in between. The gliding transport creates low impact exercises more challenging since you will need to balance yourself with the extra resistance added.

The Lagree Fitness, which is a licensed fitness method using the megaformer equipment, is a 40-minute exercise routine trains the quads, abs, and glutes, which are the bigger muscle groups. The workout will consist of a core warmup, lower body exercises, and upper body moves. It includes slow and small movements under high levels of resistance, focusing on the core.

Workout with Megaformer– The latest Trend

The primary reason why our megaformer Atlanta workouts are becoming popular is its ability to burn a lot of calories throughout the day. It can burn calories while giving you the health benefits of a cardio workout through quick transitions between the two. You can burn a total of 500 to 1,000 calories in a 40 to 50-minute class. Also, it improves muscle resistance and makes clients leaner.

Also, unlike the other types of exercise, the movements are slow, which activates the slow-twitch muscle fibers building long, lean muscles. Its main goal is to make the person stronger, focusing on strengthening the core. Your abs will be working all the time, with your arms and legs. It is also a good option for pregnant women as having strong, abdominal muscles help with the woman’s labor and delivery.

Stellar Bodies offers group fitness classes introducing the Lagree Fitness Method in combination with the Megaformer for a robust and low-impact workout in less than one hour. Try the new Megaformer in Atlanta in any of our convenient locations in Buckhead and Midtown. Sign up today and let our talented and licensed team help you!

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