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The Coaches at Central Sac are proud to honor Maria Ostendorf as our March Member of the Month! Maria has brought the same love and outgoing personality to Results that she has toward her students as Vice Principal of California Montessori Project. Maria’s journey with us started with a flyer given to her by her doctor that was concerned with her weight and cholesterol. She called and signed up for the April 22, 2018 challenge the next day. Before Results Maria would set her alarm and cross her fingers that she would wake up to go to the gym. Now she hops right up and gets to the gym before most to start her foam roll and stretching. Maria is a consistent 5amer that not only dropped 65lbs in the year she has been with Results, but has also gained strength, coordination, and became confident in doing things she never thought her body could do.

Maria’s Buddies Mlicious, lil hustle, and Megan have made her experience that much more special, and she is grateful she gets to work out with her step-daughter, Justine. Maria turns 51 this month and is feeling stronger than ever, and we couldn’t have picked a better person to honor this month.

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“Results is a special place. If you want your life changed, jump in!”-Maria Ostendorf