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If you have been to the 5am or 6am class, you surely are familiar with Margo.  She has been a member with us for a little less than a year, but you would think she’s been here forever.  As an early morning beast, Margo is always full of energy and spreading positivity to those around her.  By switching up her eating habits and staying dedicated to her workouts, Margo has lost 30lbs and continues to see strength gains with each workout.  You will often find her doing extra in between sets to get those MEP’s on myzone.

She continues to stay dedicated for her family and is looking forward to being strong and healthy for her 4yr old daughter.  Whether it be Tabata or Muscle Monday(her favorite) you will be able to hear her cheering on her fitfam and giving 110% on the MyZone board as Mar-Go.   It is no surprise that Margo has surpassed her original goals because she believes “Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings.” -Salvador Dali