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Mandy Ngan from Elk Grove

Mandy Ngan is a shining light in our 9am class. After completing her 6 week challenge in Sept. 2016, she became a member and has continued to inspire others on their fitness journeys. Mandy has dropped a total of 23 pounds but has continued to gain muscle and lose fat doing her favorite days of strength training. You can find her mosts days doing “extra credit” and (taking selfies with her fitfam) because she is so dedicated to her new lifestyle of strength and fitness.

Mandy, or M-Dawg, as we call her is a fun, loving Cancer, wife and mother of two. She is a Beast in the gym and an Auditor by day. She loves spicy food and you will never catch her without her MYZONE on, keeping track of her gains and continually pushing herself beyond her limits. Mandy’s favorite quote is, “Consistency is key. Never give up.” More energy, more toned, and making new friends at the gym are some of Mandy’s biggest accomplishments since joining Results.