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Originally a 6 Week Challenger, Majid lost a whopping total of 72 pounds throughout 3 back to back challenges before joining as a member nearly 3 years ago. You can easily spot him on the MyZone monitors (screen name Majid) because he takes his MEP’s seriously and pushes himself to have the highest in every class! He gets those MEP’s from doing burpees and squats between rounds – voluntarily! He encourages others to step outside their comfort zone and says, “If you don’t ever take a shot, you’ll always miss the target.”

Majid took a risk, and pushed himself to be the best person he was capable of being.  Since joining Results, he feels better and says “I actually get up in the morning with energy. I’m happier.” Since he began his fitness journey with Results, he’s remained committed to fitness and actively prepares to take on any challenge – including Spartan races!  Majid’s message to all members: Don’t be depressed. Just come here every day and do the work. It’ll pay off! Remember, this is a long-term journey, and you can do it!


Thank you, Majid, for you continued dedication and positive energy. It’s for all these reasons you RTC Sunrise’s

Member of Month for October!