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Lindsay first came to Results in January 2017 as one of our Challengers losing a total of 21lbs!!  But, she didn’t stop there!  As her challenge ended she continued to work on her goals by becoming a member.  A couple months later she experienced some back pain and went to her doctor.   She had fractured her spine in 4 spots and was not able to work out.   Coming back 3 months later fully healed, she didn’t hesitate to get back to her goals by going beast mode in the gym!   Lindsay loves the environment at the Arden location and her favorite exercise is pushups.

Outside of the gym Lindsay is a Nurse who works the night shift but does not let that hold her back from reaching her goals.  In 2018 Lindsay has plans to become stronger and build more lean muscle mass.  A cool fun fact about Lindsay is that she enjoys Gardening and collects Orchids.  She has collected over 50 species of Orchids!  Next time you see Lindsey in the gym give her a high five!!!