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Linda has been a member of Results since before we were Results! Since joining, Linda has been a consistent Fitfam member and a great friend to so many members over the years. She originally joined to stay fit and strong through retirement.  Ironically, she’s found that through taking the Team Training classes, she is stronger and feels younger than she did back then!  She is proud that she can hold a plank for over a minute and can do multiple pushups in a row.

Her husband calls her “Amazon Woman” from all the stories she’s brought home from the gym about her working on the TRX, tossing sandbags, slamming balls, and pushing the sleds! Booty Friday is her favorite workout and if you join Linda and the rest of the 9am gang at our Central Sacramento location you will most likely hear her call out “Git ‘er Done!” which is one of the reasons that we chose Linda to be our January Member to Remember!