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Linda was one of Folsom’s very first members!  She came to an orientation on opening day (Oct 2017) and hasn’t looked back since. Linda has a way to make everyone feel welcomed and wanted. She has been to countless other gyms but none compare to Results- she said, “something here just clicked, I look forward to working out every morning with my 9AM ladies.”  When Linda first came to Results, squatting and planking were her biggest troubles, but after months of consistently working and practicing, they are now her BEST/FAVORITE movements. She couldn’t decide which day was her favorite to workout but narrowed it down to Tabata Tuesday’s and Booty Friday’s!

Linda has a passion for history and you can catch her volunteering every Thursday morning at the Folsom History Museum in downtown. She also loves to knit, read, play with her grandkids and travel to Hawaii for vacation! Linda you are true inspiration and we are grateful to have you a part of our FitFam!!!