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The Reno Results FitFam is excited to announce Ms. Leimomi (Momi) Lammerding as our May 2019 Member of the Month!

Momi has been a Results member just under a year, but has accomplished SO much in that short time! Having lost 35 pounds so far, she says her body is still a work in progress, although she is toned and has gained more muscle than she ever imagined, being approached by strangers telling her “Wow, you have GREAT arms!”  We agree 100% on that one for sure!
Momi is a proud Mom that has been retired for 4 years from her Executive Assistant position in Chicago and is thrilled to be living here in Reno with her husband! She realized it was time to get moving and working on getting in shape, when deciding to join Results to “get the job done.” Momi says that since starting with Results she has decreased her medications and feels healthier every day!  She truly enjoys the Results experience with the fitfam camaraderie & coaches and her favorite movement is: “Dare I say BURPEES?! I no longer dread them and can now knock out 10 in row!”
In fact, she has her MYZONE name set as “Momi”, but has been affectionately referred to as “The Mominator” by her fellow fitfam and is definitely living up to her new found nickname!!! She not only hits Results here in NV, but whenever she’s in Cali she makes sure to stop by the Sacramento gyms to get those workouts in! Now THAT is some dedication!
Her best advice to anyone thinking about coming to Results…”Just Do it!! It will change your life forever! It did mine!”       
“You will never know your capabilities, until you try!”