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“I actually love burpees.” That tells you what type of person Lauren is. She’s also a huge nerd with the Myzone name “muggle.” Lauren is up at 4:30 in the morning, working out and dancing in the gym. She joined Results off the suggestion of her wife, when she struggled losing weight from her pregnancy. Three years later, she’s not the skinniest she’s ever been, but she’s never felt stronger. Her shyness made her feel she’d never be a part of the fitfam, but among these awesome and inspiring people she found a twin (Margo), a sweat sister (Cecilia), and the Girl Gang. After her first spartan, she felt her Results workouts helped her crush it. She is always pushing herself and those around her to kick butt all while imagining being on stage with fifth harmony (when they reunite). If you’re hesitant, Lauren wants you to remember, “it’s easier than childbirth,” so DO IT!!!