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Miss Lacie! With the fitfam since November of 2017 and approaching 100 workouts!!! Since starting with us Lacie has maintained a weight loss of 25lbs, striving to be back where she was before her 6-year-old was born – a story many Results moms can relate to. Newer to the Reno area, by coming in 4-5 days a week she has not only shown dedication to her health, but also created new friendships! With much pride in her South Reno squad, Lacie always comes in with a smile and a high-five.

New folks will feel welcomed when Lacie is in class. Discovering new muscles and seeing inches lost, Lacie will continue her journey with her fitfam. Her favorite movement is “starfish” and squat “Sally”.  Go Lacie! You are an inspirational mother and kick butt in the workouts! Thank you for positivity! #teamlemon