La Jolla Urgent Care

With La Jolla urgent care services only a click away through telemedicine, our Instant Urgent Care clinic is yet unsurpassed in many ways. You should realize that other clinics can’t compare to us simply because we offer extensive services through telemedicine. Moreover, the quality of our services is a notch higher as well. Still, this is why you should call on us when you need medical help:

  1. Virtual same-day appointments – that’s right, you don’t have to wait at all if you’re in a hurry. Just call us, make an appointment, and then come to us on the same day! We’ll receive you here, diagnose you, and recommend a treatment. Through telemedicine, we do this even easier by diagnosing you online and then making a house call if necessary. Getting a doctor’s assistance has never been easier at our hospital in La Jolla!
  2. Instant pediatric assistance – with an online appointment, we can provide urgent care in La Jolla for your children, whether it’s a wellness exam, a diagnostic, preventative care services, or treatments for infections and illnesses. We have superlative pediatric care services for our clients because we know how important the little ones are for all of us! At our urgent care clinic in La Jolla, you know we’re doing everything we can to provide you with excellent care. Your wellbeing and the wellbeing of your loved ones is our top priority. With telemedicine, we take this one step further, gaining access to more people in need of urgent help who can’t physically come to our clinic.
  3. Professionalism and compassion – our doctors and our staff have years behind them working in this field, and they know what they’re doing. With passion and seriousness, they will maintain your health and wellbeing as best as possible. This is something that we do because we care for you! With the non-emergency treatment in La Jolla, CA, you’re getting the best treatment possible.
  4. Immediate access to a doctor’s opinion – with our telemedicine services, you hardly need to break a sweat before gaining access to a knowledgeable opinion on your medical condition. Our doctor can diagnose you, issue a treatment, order analyses, and can even perform a house call if you need urgent assistance. This is only possible at our urgent care clinic in La Jolla!
  5. Online access to basic medical care – you shouldn’t be surprised that our clinic can help you via telemedicine. After all, we are the best La Jolla, CA, walk-in clinic, and we have access to the latest medical technology available. We can perform health screenings, prescribe medication, geriatric and pediatric exams, and issue referrals for specialty care through our telemedicine services!

It is never too late to contact us or just stop by to speak with a doctor at the La Jolla urgent care clinic. Instant Urgent Care wants only the best for you or your family, and we understand how, sometimes, it’s not easy to come to our clinic. This is why we try to accommodate you through our telemedicine services!

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La Jolla Urgent Care
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