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Kim has been a member for nearly two years having an incredibly positive attitude the whole time.  She is a “Wellness Counselor” at St. Francis Catholic High School, which has helped her shape young minds for their future. She is a licensed Marriage and Family Counselor as well as having her PPS credential in school counseling. On her journey with Results she has helped many, from bringing friends and family in to join her, to happily helping a new member out on the workout floor. She always seems to be smiling. She has gradually lost close to 15 pounds and has gotten much stronger. Her favorite movement is the Reverse Burpee and loves when there are games like Crab Soccer.  Seeing “side abs” again and increasing strength are some of her favorite results.

The quote that sticks out to her is “When writing the story of your life, don’t let anyone else hold the pen.” When she is not working out at Results she enjoys participating in Zumba, she dances at several events each year including half time shows for the Sacramento Kings. She also enjoys attending concerts, especially her favorite band “Dead Man’s Party” and her Favorite place to vacation is Cancun Mexico. Kim is the definition of an Amazing Results Member and we are excited that she is the Member of the Month!!