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CONGRATULATIONS to Mr. Keith Pratt for being our April Member of the Month!! Keith has been with Results for over a year, has lost over 60lbs and can now ride a bike 25-30 minutes at a challenging pace! What’s also really cool is he can go FULL BEAST MODE for 3 hours when playing the drums too!  Keith decided to come to Results because he was tired of being out of shape and was ready to make a change, and according to him it has greatly improved his life.  Even his sons are seeing the changes and are very proud of him and all of his hard work. Keith always wears his MyZone because it helps him to know where he is and how many calories he’s burned. His favorite workouts are the RRRRedZone and Muscle Mondays and enjoys being a part of the FitFam because everyone is encouraging and motivating! Keith’s best advice is “Just Do It, Your Life Will Be So Much Better” … well, we agree and Keith we are all SO proud of you!!!  As you are living one of your favorite quotes – “No excuses, turn dreams into reality!”