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Pushyak Kalkunte, known as KAL here at the Folsom location moved to the States 10 years ago to begin grad school in Chicago. He is an Electrical Engineer at Intel where he designs really cool and cutting edge technologies every day. Kal loves watching and playing sports. The Bulls, Bears, Cubs and Blackhawks will always be his teams but he has adopted the Warriors after moving to CA. Kal’s story is similar to many others at Results, struggling with weight loss almost all his life, he often looked at other weight loss stories and wondered if that was ever going to be him. At a point in his weight loss journey he lost 30lbs, and then plateaued. That was when a friend then pointed him in our direction and he lost 24lbs in his challenge, but more importantly it introduced him to a healthier lifestyle. The accountability, the camaraderie, the friendships and the coaches is what has kept him here for 7 months! Kalpoo is his MyZone name, which he has a love hate relationship with. He loves the healthy competition that it feeds, to get the most MEPs.

You can always catch Kal high fiving his Fit Fam between sets, asking for a progression, and working until the last second! He is an all-star! He has made some incredible friends at Results and is so thankful for them. “Every one of them is so inspiring and motivating!”

Kal has a long list of moments that I’m so incredibly proud of. A few of them that have taken place at Results are, when he successfully completed the challenge and lost 24lbs, and was then able to fit into a size M shirt and W30 jeans. The first time he did weighted squats with a 135lbs barbell, glute pressed 205 lbs and completed unassisted pull-ups. All of these moments explain why “One more rep!” is Kal’s favorite quote!